Reading Recommendations

Here’s your reading assignment for the month!  

“Rock Hard Abs in 60 Days” – by Alexander Solzhenitzyn

“5 Things You Should Never Drink” – Socrates –

“Your Erroneous Postal Zones” – Tom Wolfe

“The Rise and Fall of Minaj’s Hairstyles” – William Shirer

“Baldin'” – Henry David Thoreau

“Headwig” – William Shatner

“10 Weird Things They Say Differently in England (#4 will blow your mind!)” — Sir Winston Churchill, KG, OM, CH, TD, PC, DL, FRS, RA –

“20 Alexanders You Didn’t Know Were Dead” –

“‘Toe Fungus Nearly Destroyed My Life’: Unlikely Things Overheard on Death Row” –

“Vegas 1919” – Margaret MacMillan

“A Whale of a Killing (10 Awesome Online Marketing Secrets)” – Farley Mowat

“Stepford Wives Diet: Lose 12 Pounds by Christmas, as Ordered!!”  – The Star – Dec 2014

“The Northwest Passage” – Kanye West (with Lennart Nilsson)

“Apprenticeships Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up To Be” – by Mordechai Richler

“Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Styrofoam Rocks Anymore” –

“The Handmaid’s App” – Margaret Atwood

“Incessantly Congratulate Yourself” – “O” Magazine – Nov 2015

“Follow Your Passion” – by a Consortium of Genial Idiots –

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