Teen Can’t Tell Detergent From Bleach – And Other Dirty Laundry

:: Guy Who Still Says “H-E-Double Hockey Sticks” Faints When Told About Grindr

:: Controversial Harvard Study Claims People Named Joy Seldom Deliver Much of It

:: Elderly Man Attacked on Social Media for Funny Post About His Own Illness

:: Enthusiasm for Party Plummets When Non-Alcoholic Punch Discussed

:: Miserly Son Claims Mother Died at 26 to Save Money on Obit

:: Red Cross Rejects Slogan “There Will Be Blood!!”

:: Spooky Mom Can Locate Source of Odour Through Walls

Mom Smelling

:: Husband Informed He is Now Into Yoga

:: Toddler Poops Pants Again

:: Youth Persists in Dressing ‘Gangsta’ on Trip to Arctic

:: Man Calls Theory ‘Stupid’ That Stupid People Believe They’re Not Stupid

:: Couple’s Idea to Swap Domestic Roles Lasts Seven Seconds

:: No Matter the Occasion Local Man Always Brings a Snapple

:: Auntie Lets All Nephews Move in Rent Free If They Help With WiFi

:: Teen Finally Understands Physics 11 After Emergency Room Treatment

:: Mom Claims Car With Most Gas is Hers

:: Hand-Fed Deer Stage Coup – Set Up Provisional Government on Access Road

:: Bloated Sweaty Creep Puzzled About His Dating Woes


Mr Creosote


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