This Fall’s TV Lineup

A roundup of television shows due in September gives us a good idea of what we can expect to enjoy in the 2017-18 Season. Youth, binge watching, and shows best viewed while simultaneously watching two other shows and also jigging around on Instagram appear to be the main focus.

Some notables:

1) “Dog-Mergency” – Pilot Episode: The misadventures of ‘Misty’ the Cocker Spaniel who has been admonished not to bark, yet cannot help herself when a pine cone hits the roof. A laugh riot.

2) “Lethbridge Mechanic” – Episode 101 — Time lapse photography of Daddy asleep under the Trans Am. He cannot reach the beer fridge; Junior taunts ‘Narnee-Narnee Boo Boo’, but breaks his ankle when he trips over baby Miranda Sue, who was quietly rolling in the mud near the ol’ alkali slough. This one will keep you in stitches!

Lethbridge Mechanic

3) “Board Sick” – Skateboarding antics that’ll make you yearn for the good old days of mandatory conscription.

4) “The Mother in Law Whisperer” – Bill learns that a box of Hochtaler dangling from a stick makes Thanksgiving dinner a breeze. Educational.

5) “Star Truck” – Nerds don pointy ears and bomb around in Dad’s pickup. Ordering at the drive-thru is pure poetry (‘Peanut Allergy Mr Sulu’ is a gas!) Pilot episode features cast members heaving styrofoam rocks around a climbing gym.

6) “CSI: Nanoose” – A crack forensics team track down the beer glass my wife ‘accidentally’ put in her purse.

7) “Father Knows Breasts” — Reality.  Crusty, retired Plastic Surgeon buys a Food Truck specializing in a BBQ Chicken Sandwich called the “Buck Buck Ta Ta” and puts his wife & daughters to work.  Socially tone-deaf misogynistic hilarity ensues!

8) “Hilarious Home Videos That Herald the Demise of Western Culture” – Ouch, my sides! An entire hour of idiots being hit in the crotch with Bocce balls fired from home made bazookas, and rocket scientists who think a toboggan loaded with toddlers plummeting at terminal velocity off an icy ledge is great family fun! Will be a huge hit with those who despair for the fate of mankind!!!

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