The October Surprise: Same Month, Different Year

Diary – October 1985 – Got into Calgary by 3 in the morning, went to Ziggy’s house and it was FULL of cute chicks. (One of them said she likes poetry, too, but she was awfully hot to be bookish). I called bullshit; she wandered off with Eddie who hasn’t even puzzled his way through an Archie comic. There was still some beer left over and we rocked till 7 o’clock in the morning. A girl with a sneeze name (Jessica? Tiffany? Achoo?) barfed in the Ficus but Dave still necked with her anyway. Tomorrow we’re going to the water slide, and then we’re going to watch the hockey game and get plastered. We have just enough money for 96 cans of Old Vienna. We told all the girls that they have to bring us pizza or they won’t get in.

Diary – October 2017 – Had some difficulty finding the phone. Seems I left it inside the microwave but I poured my cup of soup in the phone charger. NOTE: Need to make a chiropractor appointment! (You see, I turned my head a little too fast while chatting with my wife). While checking the bathroom for phone, glanced in the mirror and saw hairs growing out of my earlobes that were so long my only response was to start speaking like Yoda. ‘Away put your tweezers….There is no pluck, there is only shear.’

Fresco Recorders

Diary – October 1989 – Got home from a gig at 2:30 in the morning but the fellas were having a huge party. My bed was full of strangers. I hope those were snoring sounds. Tried to doze off on the Love-Seat in the corner of the living room while the party moved to the kitchen until someone got the idea to start-up the BBQ at about 5am. My lord, but frozen hamburger patties make a racket when they hit the kitchen tiles. Everyone lost interest in cooking but started playing TV theme songs on Recorders. (Yes, we keep a drawer full of plastic recorders, but only for emergencies). I finally gave up on sleep at the climactic ending of Gilligan’s Island. When they blow the highest notes super-hard the Sheltie next door barks like mad. I eventually pitched in with a few ad libs on a Penny Whistle that I had prised from the fingers of an unconscious lass on the carpet by the fireplace, a guest unknown to me, who appeared rather attractive even with all that drool and the fabric impression on her cheek.

Diary – October 2017 – Managed to stay up for Jeopardy. Man, I could clean up on that show. Fuck me, I’m exhausted. Off to bed.

Diary – October 1977 – I met the coolest guy. I know I will be his friend forever! We do everything together. We finish each others’ sentences! I will never let him down. We are in the best band in town. We are a team 4FR.

Diary – October 2017 – I haven’t heard from my best friend for years.

Child-using-telescopeDiary – October 1974 – I set up my telescope in the backyard and looked at the moon! I could see EVERYTHING!! But I was at Willie’s house for supper and we played hockey in the driveway. I always want to be Ken Dryden but he says I can’t if he’s the goalie. But I had to come home and work on snare drum rudiments. And I am also building an Apollo instrument panel that I can use for deep space flight simulations. It’s made of cardboard but looks really cool. I use a down-fill coat for a pressure suit. I told Dad and he said, “That sounds great. Did you rake-up the dog poop?”

Diary – October 2017 – I considered setting up my old telescope in the backyard and then lost interest. I wandered into the house, looking skyward, absently scratching my ass. I stood wordlessly in front of my wife for at least 90 seconds and then asked, “Did you work today? I can’t remember if you were home or not.” She glared at me and said, “It’s Garbage & Recycling tomorrow.” And then she un-muted the TV.

Diary – October 1993 – My son is 6 months old and has his whole world is in front of him.  He could be a poet, a musician, a professor, a secret agent.  He could be anything he wants to be and I will go to any extreme to make it happen for him.

Diary – October 2017 — My son has two sons.  He is leaving both of them with me today.  I have taken two Lorazepam, a stiff vodka, and a triple Espresso, after having moved every single item off every single horizontal surface.  Those lads….They could become anything they want to be and I will go to any extreme to make it happen for them.


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