Reality Star Finds Way to Monetize Colonoscopy – Whether We Like it or Not

Hollywood – (RNG) – Reality Star Joey ‘The Human Dustbin‘ Hansen has yet again found a route to profit by having camera crews at the ready as he recently got a colonoscopy.

Star of ‘Shameless Laughingstocks of Beverly Hills‘, Hansen made sure that the program featured not only footage of his bowel, but also slow motion sequence of the entry into his bleached and depilated asshole, generally accepted to be the best part of him.

The episode was conceived in response to recently flagging ratings. A spinoff series, ‘Storage Whores‘, starring his former sidekick Lyric ‘Cabernet‘ Costco, 27, has taken off in the ratings, endangering the primacy of ‘SLOB-H’, its network’s flagship, which has prompted the creators to take this additional step.

Producers of Shameless Laughingstocks will neither confirm nor deny rumours of a future in vitro fertilization, on camera, to be done in a tattoo parlour upon a re-purposed kitchen table once employed as the main workbench at an underground bomb making hideout. But the concept fairly sparkles with possibility, and would open an new direction for this hard-hitting Reality series. It is not known if Mr Hansen is aware that he is male and unable to carry and deliver a child as he currently stands constituted.

Both shows are scheduled for a one-off combined Xmas special, tentatively titled “Happy Holidays: Surely This Foreshadows the End of Society”, scheduled at 8:30pm on December 19th on ‘Cretinodeon TV‘.

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