Couple Swaps Kids for Oma’s Pickled Beets

Nanoose Bay — (RNG) — A local couple made the difficult decision to leave their children behind with Oma after realizing their minivan had room for them, or her famous pickled beets, but not both.

After a harrowing road trip that included projectile vomiting in a Chevron ladies room and a blown rad hose at the summit of the Coquihalla Highway, topped by a 10 minute long temper tantrum at the Denny’s in Kamloops resulting in some side-eye by locals dining at adjacent tables, the parents decided a return trip was out of the question.

Oma reported satisfaction at their decision and has fashioned a small guest room out of the liberated space the absent pickled beets now provide in her giant basement cavern, used to store canned goods and other consumables she simply had to buy because they were ‘on special’.

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