Bare Truth

:: Teen Can Prove He Is ‘Way Smarter’ Than Anyone Else

:: Old Buses Re-purposed as Simulators for Cowards Who Throw People Under Them

:: Report Predicts Facebook Will Transition Solely Into Cat Memes

:: Woman Too Chicken to Decline Dinner Invitation Snaps For Hours at Husband Instead

:: Vancouver Canucks Reportedly Weighing Possibility of Touring World with Washington Generals

:: Introverts Enter Into Partnership with Party Poopers After 2 Hours of Not Making Eye Contact

:: High Friend Giggles for 45 Minutes Without Any External Stimulus

:: Husband Finds Way to Happiness Through Enjoyment of Being Constantly WRONG

:: Novel Restorative Justice Sentence – Haul Hide-a-Bed Up Three Flights of Stairs

Two Movers Carrying Furniture On Staircase

:: Rugby Team Oddly Polite in Presence of Loathsome Politician

:: Naked Raving Pedestrian Wandering in Middle of Road Admonishes Motorist to ‘Watch Where You’re Going’.

:: Angry Flutist Deliberately Leaves Friend’s Guitar Amplifier in Unlocked Car

:: Woman’s Trip Advisor Complaint Has 4 Chapters, Story Arc and Character Development.


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