Woman Hospitalized for Dehydration When Husband Fails to Pass Between Her and Television

Nanoose Bay — (RNG)  A Nanoose Bay resident was found comatose and almost totally dehydrated when she sat for too long watching her favourite television programs without her husband walking by, at which point she would normally instruct him to bring her a glass of water ‘while he was already headed that way’.

When re-hydrated and recovered the unidentified woman also pointed out that this unfortunate turn of events robbed her of a perfectly good opportunity to hurl unnecessary dietary admonitions at him while he tried to fix a snack, vainly attempting to do so without sound, smell or psychic vibration.

Six of her equally thirsty friends currently sit impaneled as an investigatory board in review of this worrisome event, hearings to commence after they’ve all watched both seasons of ‘The Crown’.


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