Coming Soon!

The Editorial Staff at ‘Random Note Generator’ thought we might give readers a preview of some of the exciting upcoming stories we’re working on for 2019.

Below is a selection you can look forward to:

“Grandmother Can’t Work Remote But Has Memorized Family Tree Back to 1609” – The tale of a local Granny Savant.

“Aging Band Prepared to ‘Rock’ OR ‘Roll’ – But Not Both” – Feature piece on local Heavy Rock  Quartet, ‘Hyper-Tension’.

“Woman Discovers Culottes From First Marriage in Closet” – It can happen to anyone.

“Cutting Edge Therapy Helps Couple Who Always Stop Dead After Entering Mall” – What is that, anyway?

“Optimist Who Says ‘Tomorrow’s Another Day’ Clearly Hasn’t Read the Paper” – Quick checkup on the Doomsday Clock.

“Actress Thanks God and Agent Bernie in Acceptance Speech” – Also tagged them on Instagram.

“Violet Rust, 87, Remembered Fondly by Her Paint Salesman” – A colourful obit.

“Billionaire Will Not Put Grandchildren in Will Until They Submit Prospectus” – Uber rich investor gives RNG an interview from a rocking chair made of rolled up stock certificates.

“Man with Non-Anglo Surname Finally Gives In and Begins to Mispronounce It Too” – Human interest story for everyone who does not own a kilt.

“Man Dragged to Performance of ‘Cats’ Horrified to Learn There Will Be More Singing After Intermission” – That $82.50 would have bought a lot of Malbec.

We look forward to getting these exciting stories to you!

RNG Editorial Staff


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