Man Gets Sucked-In Again When Wife Says, ‘Whatever You Want for Dinner is Fine!’

Nanoose — (RNG) — A local man has been gulled into playing along yet again when his wife, when asked what she’d like for dinner, claimed, “Oh it doesn’t matter…Whatever you want is fine!!”

For the three-thousandth time he took this as Carte Blanche to riff any fantasy dish he had ever dreamed about. Crazy, exotic things like ‘Steak and Potatoes’ or ‘Chicken Fingers’.

A howl of disapproval, his wife sounding similar to the inter-cooler on a Ferrari GTO, caused neighbours to check in to see if they were okay.

It appears that after they departed the despairing couple settled on Peanut Butter sandwiches and recently defrosted shortbread cookies, followed by three unloved ‘Pot of Gold’ chocolates, two of them half-eaten with teeth marks, and a type of drab health crisps — similar in taste and texture to bark mulch, purchased, it is suspected, to keep the husband sad and bereft of hope.

Happy Couple 3


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