Music Fest Season

Here are few breaking stories related to the summer music festival season of 2019.

:: Egregious Use of Tremolo by Vocalist Lures Herd of Wandering Goats

:: Rock Star Travels with 11 Guitars – Can’t Play Any of Them

:: Band Now Sufficiently Famous to Replace Warmup with Heavy Drinking

:: Mandolinist Inadvertently Seated Beside Bagpipes Treated By Paramedics

:: Group Chips-In to Buy Folk Fest Organizer a Comb

:: Knife Fight Breaks Out Between Jealous Trombonists at ‘Charlie Brown’s Teacher’ Workshop

:: Rhythm Guitarist Useless – Yet Everyone Seems to Like Him

:: Latin Percussionist at Wit’s End Over Audience Incessantly Yelling “More Cowbell”

:: Retired 2nd Viola Admits His Best Performance Was as Union Shop Steward

:: Singer Always Drives Very Fast But Never Knows Destination

:: Awful Dancer Shocked to Learn Band Can Tell He’s Shite in Bed

:: Tech lights up Bass Drum But Leaves Drummer in Dark Again

:: House Guitarist Manages to Play All Songs in Standard Tuning – Sounds Just Fine

Mudfest 1

:: Gifted Songwriter Wonders Why She Bothers When People Still Request “Old Time Rock and Roll”

:: Punk Band Thumb Nose at “The Man” – Brazenly Use Plastic Straws in Kale Smoothies

:: Alt-Rock Vocalist ‘Sure’ it’s the PIANO That’s Out of Tune

:: Concert So Awful Even Ticket Master Waives Fee

:: Volunteer in ‘Work Kilt’ Attempts to Prevent Headliner From Taking Encore – Is Hurled to His Death by Furious Drummer

:: Uninvited Man with Cajon Bashes it Arrhythmically for 24 Hours Straight

:: Rogue Drum Circle Fended Off by 20 Marauding Drunks with Bagpipes

:: Folk Fest Celebrates 40th Year of Convincing Dummies to Camp

:: Block Flute Trio Abducted by Mosquitoes

herd of goats

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