Local Man Binge Watches Star Trek to Have House to Himself – And Other Tidbits  

RNG – Nanoose Bay — Turning our attention inward we have done a quick survey of recent local events now that Summer is in full tilt. Those of you from far away, unfamiliar with the specific neighbourhoods can rest assure that your town has just as much fun to offer.

:: Garry Oaks Hostess Tired of Guests Breaks-Out Three-Day-Old Fish

:: Qualicum ‘Bestie’ Forgets Every Aspect of Joke But Assures Gathering “It Was Hil-AAAAA-rious’. Might have been drinking wine.

:: Parksville Teens Eat All Groceries Before They Make it Into House. C’mon, there were chips.

:: Weird Bachelor Cousin From Alberta Brings Own Bucket of Chicken to Wedding

Fried Chicken

:: Red Gap Mom Oblivious to World Events Still Knows What Every Member of Family Has Ingested for Last 96 Hours

:: Man Who Often Unclogs Nasal Passages on Sidewalk Claims ‘He Still Hasn’t Found the Right Woman’. Might be searching in wrong solar system.

:: Doctor Gifts Used Waiting Room Furniture to Retiring Employee

:: Craig Bay Vegan Makes Animal Control Report About Barbecuing Meat. “It was hard to tell through the binoculars!”

Nosey neighbour at the window with binoculars

:: Family Counselor Now Lives Full-Time in Wine Cellar

:: Worst Campfire Ever: Annoying Patchouli Smelling Guitarist Suggests Sing-a-Long to Aggressive Slightly Drunk Asshat Brandishing ‘Cards Against Humanity’

:: Convinced Husband Intends to Track-in Dirt Stewart Road Woman Just Glowers at Him For an Entire Day.

:: Stick in the Mud Spends Saturday Night With Quilting Supplies

:: Local Woman Dated Younger Men ‘For Excitement’ – Reduced to Flushing Toilets, Closing Cupboards and Shutting Off Lights — Strained back picking up socks


Older Younger

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